At Pack and Sea (hereafter referred to as "P&S" or "we"), we prioritize data security and confidentiality highly.

This privacy policy sets out clear guidelines for P & S's way of managing your personal information. The following explains how we use the personal information that you leave behind and/or submit when you visit our website, and when you use the various services on our website.

  1. Responsible party and contact information

This website is owned and run by:

Pack and Sea A/S
Fibigersgade 2 
7730 Hanstholm

CVR 29309957
Phone: (+45) 96186070

  1. The collection of personal information

Collection of your personal information is done in one or more of the following cases:

  • When the company is registered at Pack and Sea, it is specified which individuals are registered with a user log-in
  • When you receive or send an invoice to/from P&S
  • Compliance with P&S’s services

Even though you use your email address for more than one of the above cases, your information will only be collected and registered in one place. Thereby your information can be reused when you shop with us, and at the same time you avoid receiving the same promotion material from P&S several times.

You will always be informed when we collect personal information about you, unless P&S receives the information directly from your employer.

The personal information we collect may include, for example, your name, e-mail, phone number and similar identification information, as well as information about your navigation on the website.

If you provide the information yourself, it will always appear in connection with the submission of the information, whether the submission is voluntary or necessary for the implementation of the requested action.

If your employer submits the information about you, this is done to ensure that the company receives the greatest possible benefit from P&S, and you can at any time ask for insight into what information is registered about you.

  1. Use of personal information

Personal information is collected and used for the following purposes:

  • Subscription to newsletter
  • Administration of user account/profile
  • Promotion material, including invitations to events
  • Collection and evaluation of user reviews
  • Statistics
  • Other promotional efforts
  • P&S will only handle your personal data if there is a legal basis for it.

P&S keeps statistics on which areas of the website our users visit. This data does not include personal information. By means of the collected data, we obtain knowledge of the users' use of the website. This information is used to improve the website. We use data on all of our users' navigation, however, to understand how our users, as a group, use, and on this basis try to make the website better. We cannot see where you come from or which other sites you visit when you leave our site. We do not sell or otherwise pass on information about our user's use and navigation on our website. And we do not sell or pass on your information to third parties.

  1. Disclosure of information to other responsible parties

In general, your personal information is never passed on to a third party without your permission. However, under certain circumstances, or in compliance with the law, it may be necessary to pass on information to, for example, public authorities, the police and the Danish Employers' Confederation.

  1. Disclosure to data processing units

Your personal information is passed on to P&S's collaborators, who provide services on behalf of P&S, for example in connection with sending out newsletters. These partners only process the personal information on behalf of P&S and in accordance with P&S's instructions.
In case of restructuring or full or partial sale of the company, any disclosure in such a connection will be made in accordance with the applicable laws for processing personal data.

  1. Deleting personal information

    We will delete your personal information when we no longer need to process them in relation one or more of the purposes set forth above. The information can, however, be processed and stored longer in anonymous form.
  2. Cookies

We use cookies on our website. Cookies are only used to a limited extent for internal use.

  1. Security

We have implemented security measures to ensure that our internal procedures meet our high security standards. We therefore make every effort to protect the quality and integrity of your personal information.

  1. Your rights

You are at any time entitled to gain insight into the information that we treat about you, however, with certain statutory exceptions. You also have the right to object to the collection and the further processing of your personal information, including profiling/automatic decisions. You also have the right to have your personal information corrected, deleted or blocked according to the regulations. You also have the right to receive the information about yourself that you have given us.

  1. Withdrawal of consent

You may revoke any consent you may have given at any time. We will then delete your information, unless we can continue processing on any other basis. If you wish to revoke your consent, please contact us at or (+45) 96186070.

  1. Links to other websites, etc.

Our website may contain links to other websites or to integrated websites. We are not responsible for the content of other companies' websites or their personal data collection practices. When you visit other websites, you are encouraged to read the proprietor's privacy policy and other relevant policies

  1. Changing information

If you would like us to update, change, or delete any personal information we have registered about you, if you wish to access the personal information processed about you, or if you have any questions about the guidelines above, please contact us at or (+45) 96186070. You can also write to us at the following address:

Pack and Sea A / S
Fibigersgade 2
7730 Hanstholm
CVR: 29 30 99 5

13. Complaints
If you wish to complain about the processing of your personal information, you can contact us by e-mail, phone or letter as stated in item 12.