Price and usage regulations for effects belonging to Pack and Sea A/S.

As of January 1, 2023.

1. Registration

When buying fish and shellfish in Pack and Sea crates, these are scanned and the buyer is then responsible for the effects in compliance with these regulations.
Effects returned to Pack and Sea are scanned, whereby the responsible renter/company is exempt from the responsibility.

2. Fees.

When using effects belonging to Pack and Sea, the user pays the following fees:

2.1. The crate rental fee is calculated on a weekly basis from the date of purchase. The crate rental fee (7 days incl. date of purchase) amounts to DKK 5,00 per crate. When buying at auctions the fee is charged by the auctioneer.

2.2. The crate rental fee from week 2 amounts to DKK 2.85 per crate. The fee is charged by Pack and Sea.

2.3. The crate rental fee from week 3 up to and including week 12 amounts to DKK 6.85 per crate per started week. After this, no additional rental fees are charged. Pack and Sea A/S retains ownership, cf. 8, why the crate must always be returned.

2.4. There is no refund when returning the crate.

3. Rescanning.

Rescanning is free of charge.

If an exporter/buyer wishes to hand over the responsibility of a crate to a new user, the new user must be approved by Pack and Sea. After the handover, the new user assumes the financial responsibility for the crate and payments in compliance with these regulations. Rescanning does not release the exporter/buyer from the practical responsibility of delivering the crate at one of the Pack and Seas boxpools.

Fees and terms for rescanning (handover) of crates to another user:

Pack and Sea will charge the exporter/buyer a second week fee of 2,85 kr. for any re-rental of the crate as well as the return cost.

The new user will pay a fee of DKK 6.85 for any re-rental of the crate from week 3 and up to week 12. If a new user does not pay the re-rental fee, the possibility of rescanning to the customer in question ceases if the exporter/buyer will not be liable for the payment of the rent.

Costs for scanning and rent of the necessary technological equipment are the responsibility of the company.

4. Crate export

Pack and Sea has pick-up stations abroad.

When delivering crates abroad, Pack and Sea charge a fee for handling and repatriation.

Only delivery of crates to one of the boxpools approved by Pack and Sea counts as a delivery - in accordance with point 5.

Plastic pallets must not be used for export. In special cases, an exemption agreement can be made.

5. Returning crates.

Companies that use effects belonging to Pack and Sea are exempt from financial liability in compliance with these regulations only when the effects have been returned and scanned by a boxpool approved by Pack and Sea.
Delivery and pick-up of effects is arranged locally.

6. Crates for freezing.

A fee is charged in accordance with these regulations. Contact Pack and Sea A/S when using crates for freezing for more than 12 weeks.

7. Tubbs

When renting a tubb, please contact Pack and Sea.

8. Ownership.

Pack and Sea retains ownership of Pack and Sea effects at all times. No reimbursement is granted on the return of effects.

In general.

Legislative measures regarding payment deadlines, addition of interest, etc., will appear on the invoices.

The stated prices can be adjusted according to the decision of the Board.