On October 1, 2008, Pack and Sea took off with an integrated tracking system for fishing crates - a collaboration between ten Danish harbours, which after several years of work became a reality.

The ten harbours are Thorsminde, Hvide Sande, Thyborøn, Hanstholm, Hirtshals, Skagen, Strandby, Grenå, Bønnerup & Gilleleje.

This collaboration has made it possible to provide our services to all harbours using similar crates, and register which ships and exporters are liable for the crates that have been distributed. The crates, and hence the responsibility, are scanned using the RFID/barcode system upon delivery and then become part of the Pack and Sea system that retains a helicopter view and automatically invoices the crate rental fee to the user.

The overview of rented crates can be extracted from the system by the user as well as Pack and Sea.

Vessels can access crates in all Danish harbours, and a broad cooperation with washing centers and boxpools means that our services are also provided abroad. 

Exporters can buy fish at all auctions and subsequently return the crate to the nearest Pack and Sea harbour/boxpool - in Denmark as well as in several other countries.

Currently there has been established boxpools in Sweden, Germany, Holland/Belgium, England, Scotland and France.
Pack and Sea operates primarily with two crate types, conic crates and Denmark crates with additional black plastic pallets. In addition, there are a small number of small conic crates and basins in circulation. Pack and Sea currently has a stock of approximately 260,000 crates.

All crates are equipped with a 2 RFID tag with barcode and a visual number. This allows the crates to be registered automatically or manually.

In connection with the scanning, the crates are supplied with information about the contents of the crate and traceability.

The administration is located in Hanstholm with 3 employees.



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Per Bjørndal

Chairman of the Board

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Jan Nicolai Hansen


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Laust Jakobsen

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Chris Olesen

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Niels Kristian Nielsen

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Claus Hjørne Pedersen

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