Prices Fishermen

Price and usage regulations for effects belonging to Pack and Sea A/S.

As of January 1, 2023.

1. Use

The effects of Pack and Sea must only be used in connection with catching, selling, distributing and storing fish and shellfish.

Crates must not be re-used during the rental period. The fee covers one landing within a rental period.

2. User registration.

In connection with the delivery of effects belonging to Pack and Sea, the user is registered by scanning.

3. Selling fish at auctions in Denmark.

In connection with the sale of repackaged fish and shellfish at auctions, the auctioneer will charge a fee of DKK 8,55 if the fish/shellfish is packed at sea and DKK 6,55 if the fish/shellfish is transferred to another crate.

4. Direct landings.

Contract landings are regarded as auction sales.

The vessel is responsible for informing the number and payment of landed crates to Pack and Sea or to refer the responsibility for this to the recipient of the crates,

Will charge a fe of DKK 11.55 for sea packed and DKK 13,55 repackaged.

5. Landing and selling abroad

The vessel is responsible for informing the number and payment of landed  payment of crates to Pack and Sea.

If the box is used when sold, DKK 11.55 is charged by the vessel.

If the box is not used when sold, DKK 6.55 is charged by the vessel.

6. Delivery of crates abroad.

When delivering crates abroad, Pack and Sea will charge an extra fee for cleaning and repatriation.

If a box has not been returned within 8 weeks, a re-rental fee of DKK 6.85 will be charged from week 9 up to and including week 21.

7. Tubb.

When renting a tubb, please contact Pack and Sea.

8. Ownership.

Pack and Sea retains ownership of Pack and Sea effects at all times. No reimbursement is granted on the return of effects.

In general.

Legislative measures regarding payment deadlines, addition of interest, etc., will appear on the invoices.

The stated prices can be adjusted according to the decision of the Board.